One Response to Steampunk and the Art of Gonzo Programming

  1. Ros W says:

    There must be room for both – for driving the machine, and for knowing the mechanics – and different children will seek out different levels of knowledge. As a child, I loved ‘ programming’ – writing simple scripts in Basic, being paid 10p by my dad to type in programs from his computer magazines (where you had to wait for the next edition to get the corrections, so that the program actually worked!). As an adult, I mainly ‘drive’ using applications and only occasionally going under the bonnet – a bit of HTML here and there. I would love to know how to write ‘apps’ and find the mechanics behind some websites fascinating, but wouldn’t have a clue how they actually work. Prescriptive specifications about subject content have narrowed many subjects – but a creative school will be able to reach beyond the specifications and make provision for a range of experience in a subject.

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