ICT Directions

August 3, 2010

Myself and some colleagues (who know far more than I do about ICT) have spent the past two days talking with contractors about ICT and the Classroom of 2012. Several interesting themes have emerged from these discussions. Whilst I am always mindful about Nick Gibb’s comments about education being the transfer of knowledge from one generation to the next, I am still struck by the continuing emphasis on independent and personalised learning. No doubt that infrastructure issues, virtualisation, management of increasing volumes of data, security and The Cloud will continue to be big themes for all of us. We will also need to become intelligent with how we tackle the personalisation agenda with respect to personal devices. Given that there will be a need for us to work smarter and more efficiently, how do we deal with the personal phone, i-* technologies, PSPs and other devices that students will be bringing into the school?  Should we be trying to converge personal and school technologies or does the current divergence indicate that schools are unique spaces with  different technological ecologies

We will need to continue thinking carefully about these and other agendas. What a wonderful technological time this is. Or was it ever thus?

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